ADET is committed to forward motion on all aspects of drivetrain technology. Our current services:

  • Currently forming the Advanced Gear and Bearing Consortium for the quantification of the performance aspects of advanced materials for gears/bearings/shafts, additive manufacturing, and advanced power transmission concepts. Forming now – contact us for more information.
  • Development and Management of your R&D program. Have an advanced idea for your next generation drivetrain but don’t know who to call, or how to begin? Let ADET put you in touch with the right professor and/or university for your project. We will help scope the issue, interface with the researcher, and collaborate on determining the financial risk vs. ROI. Don’t have time? ADET will manage your R&D project at the university, regularly visiting the research lab to check status and verify results, providing regular status reports and scheduling periodic meetings on campus to keep you fully informed regarding your investment.