Highly engineered test systems to provide comprehensive solutions for end-to-end drivetrain testing requirements. Whether investigating multi-axis misalignment effecting transmission error of involute or bevel gear pairs or back-to-back durability testing of compound planetary gearsets, to full system transmission/gearbox testing including provisions for durability, NVH, efficiency, oil flow, environmental, and shift quality among other performance attributes, or end-of-line functional test machines for confirmation of quality performance, ADET’s testing solution partner will be your partner in verification and confirmation procedures. Supported by three technical centers throughout the USA, customer support is second to none, delivering test rigs on time and under budget.

Do you think outside the box? ADET’s testing partner will custom engineer a testing solution, so you obtain the results you need, when you need them. With options to design test rigs using the latest drivetrain CAE tools in gears, bearings, and CFD, you can feel confident your machine will reflect not only your CAE best practices, but also have a built-in level of validation between CAE and test results.

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