Often, specialty codes found in universities and high-tech companies go unnoticed in the drivetrain market. It is ADET’s goal to bring these useful software tools to the drivetrain engineering community. The technology offerings are continually growing, with the following now available:

  • Automation/Commonization/Standardization/
    Optimization. A software environment fully integrating all popular CAD, Finite Element, and Multibody dynamics software tools, with built-in meshing tools, all popular optimization codes, and adaptors to popular drivetrain software tools used by all major OEMs – RomaxDESIGNER, MASTA, AnSol’s Coustyx program.  A major shift in the typical CAE analysis paradigm, being adopted by many major OEMs. A former high-tech start-up, soon to be a global standard.
  • Advanced Bearing Analysis – addresses rolling element high speed analysis, cage forces, temperature distribution, internal running clearances, load distributions, flexible outer rings, built-in ANSYS tools, in addition to life predictions according to various standards. Extremely fast solve times. Affordable, with USA tech support
  • Modular Finite Element Machine Analysis – the hard-to-model typical machinery components are pre-meshed and stored as parameterized finite element library objects in Ansys and Abaqus formats: ball screws in particular are a featured component. The pre-meshed parts are screened so convergence is all but guaranteed, with validation against actual hardware performance. Configuring instead of modeling will save time, and increase throughout, as well as increasing accuracy by standardizing your process for finite element analysis of machines. Ball screw problems? No longer.
  • Tired of spending all of your time in status meetings for a critical drivetrain project? A new Product Management tool works was designed by a Chief Engineer at a major aerospace OEM for improving the project management of gearbox development. Used in conjunction with MS-Project, all global and local resources report out through this unique tool to eliminate midnight meetings with the supplier base, so everyone knows the status and associated hurdles at all times. This product will be available in beta form in January, 2016. Affordable and essential.